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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

How To Make Money Online with Keyword Research

How To Make Money Online with Keyword Research 

Keywords Are Very Important in SEO Point Of View and now a days these are used every where on websites, on blogs, on channels and many more other such task require this tool. Keywords Are helpful and very important tool to  attract traffic to your websites, blogs and channels. They are also helpful in ranking of your property either it is blog, channel or websites. So No one can deny the fact that keywords are very powerful tools in this modern age of sciences and technology.
   so Today I am going to show you "How To Make Money Online with Keyword Research"
As keywords we know that keyword is a tool that is required for perfect working of any product. so in this short article you will be able to learn how you can earn money by doing keyword research for someone. You can do this work on 
  • Fiver
  • Upwork 
  • People per hour
You can check this job on these platforms and you can check how much cost people demand on this simple and easy task. You can search on given topic and google will show you a  competitive list of all possible keywords. You can Copy these keywords relating to your topic on notepad and can do keyword research easily. 

Another Way to find Keywords is to use a tool named "Keyword" you can check this tool by clicking below link .

   This amazing Tool Allows you to search keywords with target country and hence at the end you can copy all required keywords and can send to your customers at above platforms that i have earlier mentioned.

There is also an another Amazing Keywords Tool named "keywordshitter" here you can find bulk of keywords by simply clicking shit button and hence it will generate a list of keywords.check This Tool By clicking this Link 

One more keyword research tool is "keyword s everywhere" it is simple and easy to use keyword and it is built in extension in chrome. you can collect dozens of keywords form here.  

check this tool: Keywords Everywhere
  Check This One Also:  LSI Graph  

These Were Few Useful tools to collect Keywords easily and collectively. Hope You will find these keyword tools hope, you will use these tools and will use for the purpose of  online earning.