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Sunday, 4 March 2018

How to work on sharecash

Work On sharecash   by simply uploading and managing files 

Share Cash is the leading content locking and pay-per-download network. Register now and earn over $1.00 for every download and unlock. Sharecash is an amazing earning opportunity which let you the facility of e-earning without any investment. As share cash is an amazing PPD(pay per download) network by using which you can earn 1.00$ for for every unique download and unlocking.
Sharecash let you the opportunity that if you have no file to upload simply use Share Cash Content Library where you will see more than 500 files of your choice. These Files include each and every types of books like ( Online earning guides, Business books, Internet Related E_books, Computer and Networks etc) Furthermore it include each and every type of software's that you need or most people ever wanted. This is a trusted an ever real site that working since 2009 with good reputation from customers.

What To Do On Share Cash?
1. Simply Register on share cash.
2. Complete you registration  by providing all necessary details.
3. Now Login by using your user name and Password.
4. Now You are a member of Share cash 

Now First of all Browse content Library Of Share cash where you will see the following options.

  • E_Books
  • softwares
  • Games
Simply click any option of your choice like e-books or software's.

How To DO Work on sharecash ?
  1. Simply click on any one option from above mentioned options like highlighted in below image
  2. For Example you click on e_books => Browse Categories=> All books will be open
  3. Now select any book like you select "Internet Security Tips" 
  4. you will see different options like "download", "Add to your Account".select "Add to your account option".
  5. when you will select this option it will be added to your account .
  6. Now Click on Monetization Tools=> Files & Uploading=> Upload file if you have else use option Manage Files.when you will click on this option you will see few things will be added in your account.
  7. Now Simply right click on any one item and generate link and share this link on facebook pages, groups, your blog, website or on whats app group and when some one will download this book , on each unique download you will be paid by Sahare Cash.
  8. You can create number of links and can share any where you want.

So Join this amazing PPD Opportunity and earn unlimited cash daily 
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